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AGLA HAGLA is an art exhibition at the History Museum displaying brand-new artistic works: film and installation by the artist Petrine Vinje. Text by Karoline Kjesrud.

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Still from AKLA HAKLA KALES FALES © Petrine Vinje 2014. Photo: Cecilie Semec

Artist Petrine Vinje has gone into the Rune Archives at the University of Oslo, which are archives for an obsolete written language. The exhibition highlights her challenges in the archives as an objective, institutional entity in contrast to the archivalia and interpretations, which are subjectively based. Runes were used as an early form of verbal expression - people cut or carved runes to express personal messages, remarks and points of view.

Agla Hagla is an interdisciplinary project in which mediaeval researcher Karoline Kjesrud, PhD and artist Petrine Vinje draw on each other’s mode of entering the Rune Archives. The Rune Archives were established in the 19th century as part of the Antiquities Collection of the University of Oslo. The Archives preserve documentation, reports, evaluations, analyses and research carried out in connection with runic inscriptions in Norway.  

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