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Take it personally

Why do people use jewellery? And who do we adorn ourselves for? Take it Personally presents stories of jewellery and adornment.

Just bling?

This time, it's personal. Photo: KHM, UiO/E.C. Holte©

Just bling?

Personal adornment is important to people everywhere - and has been throughout the ages. And why is so much of our cultural heritage about adornment?

You look marvelous! But, why?

The things we wear provide us with a wonderful way of signaling who we are, and the differences - and similarities – between us and others.  A piece of jewellery represents economic and cultural capital. It may also carry an even more valuable personal or collective memory.

Fabulous. Forever.

Archaeological and ethnographic collections are full of adornments people wore during the small and great moments of their lives.  The interplay between body and adornment creates an intimate and powerful bond, which some cultures call magic.

The objects in this exhibition have been carefully chosen. Each was once special in its own time, in its own right. Many have exciting stories to tell and this time, you really should should take it personally.

Welcome to the wonderful world of adornment!

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Published May 9, 2015 11:00 AM - Last modified Apr. 26, 2022 4:02 PM