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Nobody Passes

We are pleased to announce that the exhibition  "NLagreobody Passes" by Art Gender Art (france rose + Helle Grøndahl) will be available on the third floor in Historical Museum until Sunday August  2. The Exhibition was a part of the programme during OsloPride 2015 when Historical Museum was an arena for PrideHouse.

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Nobody Passes – Manifestos of queer resistances

Nobody Passes is an archive. Nobody Passes is not an archive. Nobody Passes is in between. Nobody Passes is personal. Nobody Passes is not personal. Nobody Passes is in between. Nobody Passes is political. Nobody Passes is not political. Nobody Passes is in between.

Nobody Passes is resisting categorization. It is an exhibition somewhere in between. Moving from the particular to the general to the concrete. Moving from art works to personal belongings to found material. Moving from the archive to the present to history. Moving from the personal to the political to abstraction. Moving from subject to object to abject. Nobody Passes is a manifestation of queer resistances and it demands the space in between as a valid ground to stand on.

Nobody Passes is an exhibition by france rose and Helle Grøndahl featuring friends and friends of friends and some found material from the internet and the dark corners of our closets.

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