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Made in Africa – scenes from African Market Life

The marketplace is important to everyday life in West Africa. It is here that many earn their living, and others obtain their basic necessities.

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Today all over the world the Internet, radio, television, advertising and tourism all play their role in forming people's consumption demands. With a varied and complex choice of goods and services the markets make possible the fulfillment - at least in part - of some of the dreams that have to do with consumption and the good life. West African marketplaces provide local answers to globally influenced dreams.



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Ideas and text

  • Elisabeth Wælgaard Steen
  • Mariann Komissar
  • Alfhild Birkeland


  • Pape Samba Seydi
  • Mårten Teigen
  • Alfhild Birkeland
  • Mariann Komissar
  • Elisabeth Wælgaard Steen
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