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For the Love of Freedom

The Exhibition: For the Love of Freedom  is University of Oslo's main venue marking the Bicentennial of the Norwegian Constitution.

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Photo-artist Lill-Ann Chepstow-Lusty and Professor Svein Harald Gullbekk were given a cartè-blanchè to curate an exhibition which explores the limits and possibilities of freedom, as seen at the crossroads where art and science meet.

The exhibition will be open from May 17th 2014 to January 4th 2015.

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Photo: Museum of cultural History, UiO / Toril Cecilie Skaaraas Hofseth

Bringing together a wide range of artists, out-of house professionals and our own staff, eight exhibitions have seen the light of day: The Heavy Load; Stairway to Heaven; The Arena of Freedom; Minus Five; The Fifth Room; Pride; Hells Angels and The Forbidden Lounge.

A wide ranging lecture program set in an arena filled with priceless artifacts, will create a stimulating environment for debate, provocation, reflection and dialogue.



By Tone Karlgård, Translated by: David Andreas Grønli
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