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Digitale experiences

Want to learn more about our artifacts, Viking ships or take a digital tour in our exhibitions? We have gathered the information you need from The Historical Museum and The Viking Age Museum in one place!

Digital tours


In VÍKINGR at The Historical Museum you can see some of the most exquisite objects found from the Norwegian Viking Age.

Transformation – faith and sacred objects in the Middle Ages

Video tour in an exhibition at The Historical Museum with objects that gave people faith and hope in medieval Norway.


Saving Oseberg

The goal of the Saving Oseberg project is to prevent and / or stop the decomposition of the alum-treated wood objects from the Oseberg discovery.

Documentary: The Ship

Get insight into the work that is being done to increase our knowledge of the Vikings in this documentary about Viking ships and reconstruction..

Documentary: Journeys

Join archaeologists and other specialists seeking answers through research in this short film.

Film about the textiles among the Oseberg finds

The film is shown continuously to the audience in The Viking Ship House in the fourth wing.

Exhibitions in 360 degrees at The Historical Museum


Get to know the culture of war, travel and how society changed during the Viking Age.

America – Present – Past – Identity

In this exhibition, we allow the museum's American collections to tell vivid stories of indigenous peoples and minorities throughout this vast region.

The Medieval Gallery

In the great medieval exhibition you will find a number of art treasures from the churches around Norway.

Transformation – faith and sacred objects in the Middle Ages

In this exhibition you will see a number of objects that gave people hope in the Middle Ages.

Collapse – human being in an unpredictable world

In Collapse we meet people who, in different ways and at different times, face powerful forces of nature that threaten to collapse their world.

Exhibitions in 360 degrees at The Viking Ship Museum

The Oseberg Ship

The Oseberg ship was richly decorated and equipped with lavish tombs for the two women on board. Experience the ship in 360 degrees.

The Gokstad Ship

The Gokstad ship was a fast and strong ship. The man who was buried on board has traces of cuts in both his legs.

The Tune Ship

The Tune ship was built in oak and had room for 24 rowers. A strong mast and small load capacity indicate that this was a warship.

The fourth wing at The Viking Ship Museum

The gifts found with the Viking ships are on display in separate displays. Here you will find everyday objects and practical equipment, as well as religious objects with exquisite details.

HumGIS Portal: 3D

See our collection of 3D scanned objects.